The best bookmakers and tennis tipsters

The reasons for this are varied but have a lot to do with the number of points and the number of different ways to score them.

As you may know, tennis doesn’t work like most sports. It’s not whoever wins the most points or even whoever wins the most games. The winner is the one who manages to win the most sets in a match.

This difference between points, games and sets allows bookmakers to offer a lot more betting options than other, simpler sports, so to speak. In addition, points and games can be won by serving or subtracting, which offers yet another variant to betting on tennis.

All of this, taken together, can give us a slightly wrong idea of the racket sport in relation to betting. Don’t be tempted to immediately cross it off your list of sports to bet on at first glance.

The variations in tennis don’t make betting more complicated, but much more fun. And, of course, we at blog will prove it to you.

The TOP Tennis Bookmakers

Tennis in Javea

The vast majority of bookmakers, at least the big ones, offer most tournaments from all over the world. Many of them can be followed live on the bookmaker’s website if you have money in your account.

If we like this type of live betting, it is best to look for bookmakers that offer the option to follow it on the web. Everything is much more convenient. Of course, there are times when television rights do not allow some tournaments to be broadcast.

This is something that changes over time, so we cannot be sure which bookmakers will broadcast certain tournaments.

As for the odds, they tend to be fairly similar. There are no bookmakers that stand out for offering very high odds compared to the others. You also have to take into account the bookmakers’ rules for tennis matches.

For example, bet365 gives money back on over/under bets on games if a player withdraws, but others validate the bet. In the case of such bets, it is best to check the conditions of each bookmaker to reduce the risk of losing money due to a player’s injury.

Tennis tipsters are the order of the day

Do we know what a tipster is and what they do? Would it be a good idea to add them as a complement to our sports betting? Well, all these questions can be answered in our article dedicated to the Top 11 Best Tipsters in Spanish.

A guide with exclusive tips and tricks, where of course you can find tennis tips on twitter. And also tipsters specialised in Tennis like @ApuestasdeTenis, who has achieved a yield of up to 73%. Don’t miss them, and subscribe to their knowledge! They are usually a great help.

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