Magic Book from Bally Wulff plus free spins for free

magic book slot

No deposit bonus on Magic Book by Bally WulffThe Magic Book slot machine is clearly modelled on the arcade in terms of its look, and there is of course also a bonus for this classic by Bally Wulff. However, we don’t just have to put this down to the no deposit bonus for slots like this, the no risk cash bonus is of course popular and is also available as free spins for a simple sign up. The Magic Book slot game also comes with many bonuses, which may not be immediately obvious. But compare a simple fruit machine with three reels with a colourful game like Magic Book and its functions – then the bonus will quickly become apparent beyond the casino offers.

Magic Book – the Orient in the Online Casino

Magic Book

In any case, the theme of Magic Book revolves around the stories from 1001 Nights. The Orient on the reels is not so rare now and Ali Baba and the 40 robbers also fit in well with gambling. After all, you can easily win large sums of money and the scimitars are not a threatening risk, but rather good for large amounts in your account. A manufacturer like Bally Wulff also rocks the internet with many other slots, so you can take a look at them in the corresponding casinos. Playing for free is also an option for the Orient as a theme for slot machines, but let’s take a look directly at the bonus for Magic Book, which is the best way to start in the end.

Playing Magic Book with a bonus is always an advantage, because:

  • you can get to know everything in peace and quiet without the usual worry of losses when playing slots,
  • thanks to the online casinos and their conditions, there is definitely the possibility of clearing off pleasing amounts even with a casino bonus,

Withdrawals with such a bonus work just as reliably as with the classic bonus, for example on deposits or within the framework of VIP offers.

Which stakes are recommended?

Magic Stone Bally Wulff

This is logically up to you and a high roller will want to play the bonus at Magic Book differently than a cautious beginner! But of course, Bally Wulff is all about slot machines and you don’t need to rely much on strategy, Lady Luck already provides enough hits. Anyway, the Book Slot has a payout rate of 96.18%, so kudos to Bally Wulff for that, although the payouts in online casinos are higher than in any gambling house anyway.

So approach the game with caution and take your chances in the middle: the betting range is from 10 cents up to 10 dollars and that is programmed together with five paylines. Sounds kind of puristic, and it is, but that is a trademark of Bally Wulff on the internet! The manufacturer relies on clear lines and cool themes, but spares itself overly detailed betting structures and this certainly contributes to the popularity of this software company from Berlin among many players.

Bonus rounds, wilds and free spins in the Magic Book slot game

Collecting a bonus for Magic Book can mean betting on the casino itself, more on that in a moment, or concentrating on cashing in on the corresponding reel images. Bally Wulff doesn’t offer a bonus game directly in Magic Book, but of course there are the always popular free spins to be won for slots – together with a bonus symbol! This increases the hits and payouts enormously and we can already call this a kind of casino bonus, especially since, as described at the beginning, many new slot machines only have one wild, which is far too little for modern gaming on the internet.

The paytable, in any case, is stuffed with inlays of the Middle East and its (legendary) history. A belly dancer, a flying carpet and a guy who looks like he’s from a medieval religious police force bring in some pretty decent dough. The bonus for Magic Book, however, are the free spins themselves, which you get for the book, what else! The book is also wild and you can watch the reels and the cash register fill up quickly and reliably with the possible free spins.

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