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Our Sites

A partial list of websites currently administered.

  • Sojourner House – Empowering homeless families in Massachusetts.
  • Institute of Okinawan Karate-Do – A traditional Uechi Ryu dojo.
  • Asian Spectrum – Working to address issues relevant to the Asian communities of New England.

A partial list of websites previously administered.

  • Sampan – New England’s only bilingual Chinese and English newspaper.
  • The Asian American Civic Association – Assisting economically disadvantaged people in greater Boston.
  • Buds & Blossoms – Early education and care in Chinese Mandarin.
  • South Shore Safety – Offering safety and health education to local communities on the South Shore of Massachusetts.
  • Blackbaud – Target Software customer portal.
  • The Job Training Alliance – A network of greater Boston community-based workforce development organizations.