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Football betting with the Best Software odds

Posted by: | Posted on: December 1, 2018


The Filter has been designed to scan the various football leagues in the world. It does that quite smartly and shows you teams likely to win win/draw/lose. The technical details of how it identifies winners, draws and losers is best left out here.However,it will do all this in less than 5 minutes for you.

When run the software,in about 4 mins(or less) and with 1 click, it presents to you football betting odds and possible match winners(and even draws/losers).You can then pick any number of the football betting tips/selections you like and go collect ready cash from the bookies.It’s that easy.And it happens every week.Users of this invaluable tool never run dry of selections. Sign up below to try the software for 2 weeks with Viet Nam online bookmakers.

software football


Once you’ve signed up to use the program, you are given 15- day trial.
During your trial you will have access to the full program.In the first 15 days,
your credit/debit card will NOT be debited until the 16th day.


Feel free to cancel your subscription anytime. Your account WILL NOT be billed for the first 2 weeks. Your account may be debited on day 16 and every 3 months thereafter. If you are not happy with the service, you must cancel your subscription within 2 weeks (14 days) from the day of your subscription. We don’t do refunds after your account is billed unless the program fails to work and we’re unable to fix the problem.

If you’ve already been billed and wish to cancel your subscription for any reasons, please be sure to do so close to the end of your paid time. That’s because you will be disabled immediately you hit the cancellation button. We may not be able to activate your account should you want to continue to use the software for the paid time,reason being that we currently don’t have any means of monitoring closed accounts.


  1. You’ve got a chance to enjoy about 90% win rate
  2. It’s incredibly affordable.
  3. Free trial upto 2 weeks
  4. Sure 3-4 winners every week
  5. Guaranteed 30% Weekly Profits On Average
  6. Support centre Available 24/7
  7. Now web based application.No software to dowload
  8. Pick match winners with just 1 CLICK
  9. Guaranteed Monthly Profits


Please use the subscribe button ABOVE.

Note: you will NOT be billed for the first 15 days. You must cancel by day 15 if you’re not happy. Once billed,you may only be entittled for refunds if the software fails to function and we are unable to fix it.

Once you hit the subscribe button below, you will be sent a welcome email with a PDF Guide.Please download and read it.At our end as soon as we receive your oder,your account will be set up and 3 things sent to you. These include: a) A login URL, b) Your usrname, c) Your pasword. This could take upto 12 hours depending on when you sign up. Please allow upto 12 hours. Don’t forget to check your spam spam as some messages may end up in your spam box for some reasons. Finally, keep in mind that because you’ve signed up via paypal,the login details will be sent to your paypal email address.

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