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Top 4 CRM for construction and architects

Posted by: | Posted on: April 4, 2018

The CRM product architecture will influence the quality of the customer experience provided by your CRM systems, determine how easily a new CRM application will adapt to your current environment and reduce the time and cost to implement a CRM application.

There are top 4 – best CRM for construction and architects

Construction software CRM – CSG Inc

Contractors Software Group, Inc. is a developer of fully integrated software solutions for residential and light commercial builders and contractors. They offer unique entry-level solutions for sales, marketing, customer service, warranty tracking, estimating, purchase order management, scheduling, cost accounting and more. They also offer multiple customizable solutions to choose from depending on the size, needs and budget of a company that makes them capable of handling any size builder or contractor. The prices are available in the application. A free trial version is offered.

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Cosential offers comprehensive CRM and automation of proposals designed specifically for architecture, engineering and construction firms by A / E / C experts. Cosential’s central information platform keeps your data updated, accurate and transparent. Then you can turn information into a real commercial advantage. By offering spreadsheet interfaces and data entry effortlessly, Cosential offers visibility and analysis that encompasses the project lifecycles, relationships and performance of the previous project.

EasyBuild Construction Industry Software

Originally developed in 2004 exclusively for the Durkan Group, the EasyBuild Construction Industry Accounting and Project Management software is now available to benefit companies throughout the industry. EasyBuild provides specialized software for the construction industry. The modules provide all the administration and accounting functionality to close the gap between the office and the site, allowing your business to thrive.

 Soluciones TopBuilder- Home Builder CRM and Marketing

Home Builder CRM & Marketing by TopBuilder Solutions is a CRM and Lead Management solution specifically designed for homebuilders and home sales. By providing customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing software hosted to home builders and general contractors, it is possible to conduct more conversions of potential customers, which reduces costs and increases potential revenue. HomeBuilder CRM automates sales / marketing activities and streamlines the maintenance and exchange of prospect and sales data. Packages start at $ 89 with a free trial version upon request.

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